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Considering Retirement?

Are you thinking about retiring from Dane County? Get all the information you need to make sure the transition goes smoothly.

Retirement Information Sessions

The Department conducts a monthly meeting with employees preparing for retirement. This meeting provides an overview of the retirement process, discusses the conversion of benefit time, and answers your questions. A county-wide email is sent to notify employees of the dates of upcoming meetings.

Prior to this meeting, employees must complete two tasks: 1) Contact the Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds. Employees should request a retirement estimate. This can be done online, by mail, or over the phone. Information is on the Employee Trust Fund Website. 2) Notify your Department in writing of your planned retirement date.

To find the time of an upcoming meeting or participate in one, contact Carol Cady-Severson by email or by calling (608) 266-4081.

Precision PRIME Choice

Dane County has adopted a Post-Retirement Leave Conversion Medical Reimbursement Plan and a Governmental 401(a) Special Pay Plan to allow retiring employees to convert accumulated leave into a supplemental retirement benefit. Participation in this program is mandatory. The program is administered by the Precision Retirement Group.

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Sick Leave Conversion

In 2018, County Executive Parisi enhanced the sick-leave conversion benefit by creating a new program to offer additional support to county employees when they retire. The new program allows employees, whose salary is less than the salary of an average manager, to convert their sick leave into an account at the rate of an average manager.

Retirement Enhancement Plan

The County Executive has proposed that Beginning January 1, 2020, if an employee retires with greater than 10 and less than 20 years of service with the county, he or she will receive $5,000 per year for five years that can be applied toward the cost of health insurance or other medical costs in retirement. Employees retiring with at least 20 years of service will receive the $5,000 payment for ten years. 

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A retirement guide is available here. If you have other questions about retirement, contact:

Carol Cady-Severson
Dane County Benefits Specialist
Phone: (608) 266-4081