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As the Chief Administrative Officer for Dane County Government, I receive requests for information and news on variety of topics. In the interest of providing the public with information, this webpage hosts documents and other items on topics of interest. If there are additional questions about these topics and documents, please reach out to my office.

Memo to the Board of Supervisors on Shelia Stubb's selection

I wrote the following memo to the County Board of Supervisors after the April 27, Health and Human Needs Committee Meeting.

At the Health and Human Needs Committee meeting there appeared to be some confusion on how the recruitment and appointment process for department heads is handled. As the person responsible for coordinating the hiring, I feel like I should provide the Board with some observations in hopes of clearing up any misperceptions.

County Board Releases Zoo Report

The County Board has released the report from Honorable V.L. Bailey-Rihn (ret.) investigation at the Zoo.

The report finds no evidence of discrimination, no evidence of hostile work environment, and no violations of the Dane County Employee Handbook. The report identifies that past issues with animal treatment were infrequent and a correction is being implemented.

Upon releasing the report, County Board Chair Patrick Miles said, "This arms-length review should give the public confidence that Zoo staff and management are making improvements and the zoo is operating in a way that is safe and fair for both the animals and our county employees working there."

Concerns Regarding the Highway Department

Read the letter to all employees of the Highway Department regarding the completed Employee Relations and Office for Equity and Inclusion investigation. 

Memo to Supervisors re: 2022 Res 136

I shared the following information with County Board Supervisors as they considered resolution 136. 


Shawn Tessmann Letter to County Board

Shawn Tessmann recently resigned as the Director of the Department of Human Services. Attached is her letter to the County Board. 

County Executive Column

County Executive Parisi wrote the following column which was published in the Capital Times, Sun Prairie Star, Verona Press, and Oregon Observer

County Executive Parisi Begins 2023 Budget Process

County Executive Parisi released a memo outlining major guidelines for the 2023 Budget Process

Email from the County Executive to AFSCME Employee Groups

County Executive Parisi sent the attached email to AFSCME Employee Groups on 5/31/2022.

Concerns Regarding the Work Environment at the Medical Examiner's Office

Wisconsin Watch, Isthmus, and the Wisconsin State Journal published stories regarding the working environment at the Medical Examiner's Office.

Dane County policy on reporting complaints against employees

Dane County wishes to share the following documents that were made available to the reporter.

Employee Relations / Office of Equity and Inclusion letter to all Medical Examiner Employees
Dr. Rogalska's response to questions
Dr. Tranchida's response to questions (5/18)
Dr. Tranchida's response to questions (5/20)
Barry Irmen response to questions

Greg Brockmeyer's memo to the County Board

Concerns Regarding the Work Environment at the Henry Vilas Zoo

Wisconsin State Journal published a story and an editorial calling for an independent investigation of the Henry Vilas Zoo.

All HVZ communication from Employee Relations and the Office for Equity and Inclusion about the completed investigation